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How To Cancel DStv subscription?

Do you feel that it is time to unsubscribe from the DStv package that you no longer need? There may be other companies offering similar services at a much affordable price, and you may consider shifting to the cheaper option. Are you stranded with regards to cancelling your current service provider? Here is a simple guide to help you on how to cancel DStv.

Digital Satellite Television provides a broad array of service packages to suit the needs of its subscribers. Such include football games, kids’ entertainment and family-friendly viewing. The packages offered by the company include:

Premium package

Compact Plus





The most popular package is the Compact Plus one, while the most affordable one is EasyView with 30+ channels going for R29. So how do I cancel my DStv subscription? This is one of the most asked questions by subscribers when they no longer require the services. Continue reading as we will thoroughly explain the DStv cancellation process in this piece.

The need for cancelling DStv

Although Digital Satellite Television is headquartered in South Africa, most subscribers are interested in knowing how to unsubscribe from its services owing to the fact that there are cheaper available options such as Netflix or Showmax. One of the reasons that most people do not cancel their DStv subscription is because of its sports channels, as the company has the privilege to broadcast all the quality sporting events. However, if you are not a sporty person, get to know how to unsubscribe to facilitate your transition to Netflix packages that vary from R99 to R169 per month. This is quite affordable when compared to the Premium package offered by Digital Satellite Television which is R809 per month. Alternatively, you can also switch to Showmax for R100 a month. Choosing either makes sense from a budget point of view.

How to cancel my DStv subscription

Dropping DStv for Netflix or Showmax is a simple procedure and here is how to do it.

Going through the Digital Satellite Television website, they will try and convince you to subscribe for a cheaper package instead of completely cancelling your subscription. Nevertheless, if your mind is made up, you can call or visit any of the nearest call centres and get assisted by a qualified customer care agent who will offer you a DStv cancellation form that you need to fill. Alternatively, you can learn how to cancel DStv online without having to contact their call centre. To cancel Digital Satellite Television services online by yourself, you will need to sign up with the Connect ID and do it. In case you need to reconnect the package, you can still do it at any point.

Refund after cancelling subscription?

When cancelling subscription from Digital Satellite Television, most subscribers ask whether they will get a refund of the amount already paid. The answer to this is that since services are prepaid, the money will not be refunded but you will still enjoy your services for the current month and cancellation will only take effect at the end of the month prior to your next payment date.

Updated: May 8, 2020 — 4:10 pm
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