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GDE intake 2020 online application| Stage 3

Step 3: Applying to a school

While the learner’s name would have been displayed automatically on the page, the only things that you would be required to do are:

1. Select an application option. You will have to choose from these options: home, work, sibling and previous school (but note that the last option which is the school is only meant for those who are applying for Grade 8). Note these as you apply:

*If you choose the “home/work address” option, this means that the system will automatically filter the schools and ask you to select one from the options that are either close to your home or work address.

*Also, if you choose the “sibling” option, you will be allowed to apply to a school where your child has a sibling that is either in Grade 1-6 and/or Grade 8-11. To get this option chosen, that means that you will need to provide information about that sibling.

*Then, if you select the “previous school” option, this means that the name of the school where the child that you are registering for is presently in Grade 7 has to be provided.

Other options which are available to you after you have made the first application are: Apply to a school of choice. The only challenge that is with this option is that if the application does not meet the admissions criteria, it would be allocated a reference number on a Waiting List B. You can also apply to a particular school that has a specialised focus (SOS). Lastly, you can apply to any school that has a boarding facility.

2. Once you have completed the application page, the next thing that you would do is to click the “Apply” button to submit your application.

3. After that, you would be given a Waiting List reference number which will appear on the screen. The number is to confirm that your application was actually submitted. So, if you do not receive it, then, you may have to review all that you have done so far.

Note that after you have received the Waiting List reference number, as a parent, you still have the privilege of applying again. By implication, once the page containing the Waiting List reference number pops up, you will see two options there which are “Apply again” and “Apply for another learner”. If you choose the “Apply again” option, you will be able to make another application to a different school for the same learner that you applied on behalf of in the first place.


Updated: May 20, 2019 — 1:14 pm

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