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Admission Requirements For University of the Free State (UFS) 2020/2021

What do you need to study at the University of the Free State?

For degree studies at the University of the Free State, we expect that:

  • You have an NSC or NCV with an endorsement that allows entrance to degree studies (Bachelor’s degree) or an equivalent qualification.
  • You meet all the minimum admission requirements for the programme you intend to study. Meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen/intended programme of study, does not guarantee admission, as limited spaces are available in each programme.
  • You have a minimum level of 4 (50%) in the chosen UFS language of instruction: English or Afrikaans (only applicable to certain programmes).
  • You must pass certain school subjects with a minimum level of achievement in order to take a certain university module. For example, you must get a mark of 70% for Mathematics in Grade 12 if you plan to study BSc majoring in Physics with Engineering subjects. Please refer to the section on the faculty-specific admission requirements, which also includes the respective compulsory subjects and achievement levels required per programme.

Important information for all students:

  • Keep in mind that all programmes have limited space available; therefore, you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. When we process your application for admission, we capture your details onto the UFS databases – if your details are not available, you will not be admitted or able to register. For this reason, it is very important to stick to the closing dates. Meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen/intended programme of study does not guarantee admission, as limited space is available in each programme.
  • If you already have a National Senior Certificate (NSC), you must include a copy with your application form.
  • Make sure that you complete the application properly and attach all the required documents. An incomplete application, as well as outstanding documents, will delay your application process. Make sure that you complete the application form thoroughly, e.g. if you need on-campus residence accommodation and/or financial aid, indicate this in the relevant section.
  • If you transfer from another tertiary institution, you must include a certificate of conduct and an official study record from the previous tertiary institution with your application AND submit copies when you register.
  • If you are from another country, you must attach your certified school-leaving certificate, diplomas, and proof of a conditional exemption certificate issued by the Matriculation Board, to your application. Apply to for conditional exemption.

Admission to study at the UFS

Academic excellence is what the UFS is about – the higher your AP score, the better your chances of being chosen and finally admitted to study. Meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen/intended programme of study does not guarantee selection and admission, as all programmes have a limited number of spaces available. Applicants with the highest AP scores are chosen first, and the admission continues until all spaces have been filled. If you do not meet the minimum admission requirements for your intended/chosen programme of study, you will not be selected. Consult the faculty-specific admission requirements for all the programmes you qualify for and apply for the two programmes that best fit your personality, purpose, and passion.

You will be CONDITIONALLY ADMITTED based on your Grade 11 or equivalent results, subject to you meeting all the minimum requirements for the intended programme of study. Please note that conditional admission is not applicable to all the selection programmes in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Your FINAL ADMISSION to the programme of your choice will depend on your final Grade 12 results. You will be notified immediately of the university’s admission decision after your Grade 12 results have been released by the Department of Education. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct on your application form.

Updated: September 10, 2019 — 8:25 am

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